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I had met Woman weeks before, when I was still a man. How do you from having big tits.

I had met Mark weeks before, when I was still a man. I hadn't noticed how good looking he was - then. Now, I was seeing him as my life-mate, the father of my child children? I was frightened and excited about what was to come. That night, for the first time, I felt the weight of a man upon me. I was so scared! I parted my legs, so he could mount me. His hard, thick cock was pressed against my wet, willing cunt. He moved his hips forward. I was no longer a virgin. Deeper and deeper it slid in. I was swooning; drifting in and out of reality as my brain was flooded by new - by new - ooooo Wonderful sensations! I could feel his cock taming. Each thrust fucking the last of my maleness, my independance, away.

I was turning into a helpless, docile female and loving every minute of it. I wrapped my legs around him, kissed his neck and told how good he felt. I knew he would. OOO The girls were right. That night, I must have caught a bad case of hot pants because after a few days of this - well - I couldn't stop spreading my legs! My life changed so much. I would arise early so I could shower and pamper myself.

Lucy let out a clear. The "hygeine' occupy was disgusting, but I did find it additional.

I'd always wear a dress and high heels and my personal touch, June Cleaver pearls no matter what I was planning that day. I'ld cook my etory a hearty breakfast then do the houswork. I actually enjoyed cooking and stoty The Steppford of this life was a welcome change for me after the "cut throat' corporate life. I would shop or go out to lunch with Kate, or one of the other women. We would gossip like hens at the hair dressers. As the months passed I progressed through a series of hair styles as my locks grew longer and longer. Mark wanted me to let my hair grow out completely. I was looking forward to becoming a modern Lady Godiva for him.

I joined a community service club. I really worked at being a good wife and a credit to my man. Nothing made me prouder than to be called MRS.

Wife sex story Stepford

We would go to dinner at the club and dance later. I had some trouble ssx first because I wouldn't follow his lead, but quickly adapted. I enjoyed walking Ste;ford the street in a smart outfit and feeling stkry eyes roving all Sgepford me, especially my legs, which were very shapely. Like the other women of Stepford, I would wear a hat wfie gloves. Regular visits to my gynecologist were, of course, necessary. I could tell I was becoming more of a female because the stirrups no longer bothered me, but the scale did. Each week I winced as the nurse recorded my expanding figure. Naturally, I NEVER missed "afternoon tea', but I would always meet Mark at the door, when he came home from the office, in sexy lingerie, and we would make love all over the house.

Mark would bring flowers or candy. Once he brought me a bracelet. I had never been interested in flowers or other stuff like that, but now it made me feel so - so special when he brought me presents. In only a few weeks, his kind attentions, and his cock, had turned me into a contented housewife. Then, the "titty fairy' came. I had been feeling some tightness around my waist lately. In fact, I occassionaly had to undo a button after eating. I would examine my figure after my morning shower.

My waist was wige thickening. Stepford wife sex story found I tired easily, so Wifs napped more. Then one morning I awoke to find my body changed. My breasts had grown considerably. I found out later, a whole cup size to 38C. My nipples had turned brown and small bumps ringed sfory areolae. I dark line ran from my pubis to my navel, and when I turned sideways, sory noticable bulge was visible. Steppford hefted my heavier and slightly sagging boobs. I ran my slim hands over my new xex. I had a belly! I immediately got into maternity clothes, though they hid my new bulges. I was so proud. That afternoon, Kate and I were sunning by the pool.

I had decided to wear Stepford wife sex story two piece suit to show off my new belly. She rubbed my roundness then dife, "So tell me. How do you like having big tits. The idea of stort surrendered wife comes from a Stepforrd by American Sxe Doyle - a former marketing copywriter whose opinions make Ma Walton look like a feminist activist. It has spawned a whole Surrendered Wives movement which sx far beyond the wildest dreams of your average Stepford Wife. Storg agree to relinquish stroy control of their sgory life, allowing him to make all the decisions, never saying 'no' to sex, and finally learning to change themselves and not their men.

The idea is that men can't change - so women are the ones who need a radical re-think in order to preserve romance in marriages. Surrendered wives even have their own website, complete with images of red roses and sugar-coated assurances from Laura Doyle that 'none of us feels good about ourselves when we're nagging, critical or controlling. Could they actually make any difference to a modern-day marriage being torn apart at the seams by arguments? Enter Karen, a year-old mother-of-two and successful business manager, who admits to a lifetime of bossy behaviour. In my 20s, I had a brief, unhappy marriage with a very dominant husband. I vowed that no man would ever get the chance to dominate me again.

We bumped into each other when we were shopping, started talking outside and quickly fell in love. In old and new Stepford, the kids like it better when their mums are at home baking cakes. The message here is not more guilt for women but a new approach to the balance between work and life for both sexes. And perhaps, just maybe, by the end of the film, we feel that is a little bit closer to happening. At least Joanna has found out who she is, saved her marriage, and gone back to work. The glossiness of new Stepford will irritate some; everyone is rich, everyone has made it.

The black family in the book and the first film has disappeared, presumably because the gay story has been added, and Hollywood can only manage so much minority casting. Few women are at the top of major companies. Any Stepford husbands lurking out there might be relieved to hear that the latest report from Mintel says that British women are more obsessed with housework than other Europeans, and that too few British men do anything to help. So put away the rubber gloves girls and go to the movies. Lucy kept licking and sucking faster and faster until she felt him climax in her mouth.

He held himself in her mouth for a few more seconds until he was completely finished. Once he pulled out of Lucy's mouth, Lucy promptly opened her mouth and lifted her tongue to show her husband that she had in fact swallowed. He smirked at her. A few minutes later Lucy came out of the closet wearing a see thru blouse and under it a brief pair of black panties and matching black bra. Lucy tucked a strand of hair behind her head and made her way toward the bed. He grabbed a pillow and a small blanket and tossed it at Lucy, she caught them still looking at him confused. Lucy began adjusting the living room couch, she fell on to it and covered herself up.

Resting her head on the soft pillow she fell asleep quickly. It felt right somehow. I don't know how you did it. Tom looked at Lucy as he put on his tie. I mean, I know the Velvet Dungeon caters to basically any fantasy people can think of but I mean living here in L. I mean, what's wrong with wanting to be a housewife, being taken care of by a man? I don't see a problem with it but I would basically be crucified Stepford wife sex story feminists if this came out. His obscenely large black cock dangled before her face. She sobbed as she took it in her mouth. Quit lying and suck my dick. She took the thick black cock in her mouth and attacked it with as much enthusiasm as she showed Hans or Billy.

You ever had black cock before? I read about sluts like you. I know you were a slut the minute I saw you staring at that Penthouse. This was like a dream come true, she had fantasized about black men her whole life and here she was sucking on the biggest blackest dick she had ever seen. I love you big black cock. I love sucking it. I want to swallow your sperm. She heard several people come into the First what sounded like some drunk college kids and a little later a cop came in and chatted with Omar for about ten minutes. The black man just appologized for not getting up, saying he had hurt his knee. Luckily, the store was empty when he blew his load.

Omar bellowed and his first wad overflowed her mouth, spilling down her chin. Afraid of spilling more, Julie clamped her lips down around his bucking cock and opened her throat. Take these keys and go wait in the van around the side of the store. Omar slid in beside her and they were off to his house.