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Jacky is surprised private escorts don't already outnumber brothel workers. Look for anything left on the floor. Despite that, sex workers still regularly felt the whip of moral panic, with every media furore — more recently claims of underage sex workers in South Auckland — reigniting calls to tear up the groundbreaking legislation. Sure, they're' paying for it, but it doesn't mean you're a victim and they're taking advantage of the situation.

Sealand like dessert," Faye says. A Frenchman walks downstairs but is only looking for cigarette boxes to recycle. And give it for free? I talked to men all night but I would back off. But Auckland Prostitutes Collective head Kate Dickie was sceptical of suggestions that decriminalisation of the industry had led to aggressive competition on the streets.

Zealanr series on the realities of sex work in Nes Monday, 15 October8: It can be safer on the streets for these kids than it is in their own homes. Lewis, who has been involved in sex work for the last 10 years, said she has seen the number of advertisements by migrant prostitutes more than double over that time. Each of the three short documentaries in the series produced by Storybox for TVNZ OnDemand give a first person perspective on different types of sex work: It doesn't really get more intimate than that. A young man yells out "slut office!

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With being the 15 year anniversary of the Prostitution Reform Act, I wanted to show the real people behind the job, that zraland work is just one part of their lives - they're balancing family, relationships and financial pressures like any other woman. I was so hoping he would say 'no, I love you too much'. I was fing devastated. I'd started at six. Find more from Story Box on InfoPages. It gives more power to the girls.