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He wants peace, so the decision to kill himself is the desire for peace and he's accepted that.

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And years later he's hot again. One more push against gravity before I turn 50 and it's all downhill. It's like a wave, an up and down thing. He knows better than to let it go to his head. Nudf the result is one of the most lauded performances of the year, a film that has already earned Firth a lovefest from the press - he "gives his most nuanced, compelling performance". Larger text size Very large text size Of all the acclaim that's come to Colin Firth's depiction of hidden grief inprecious little of it has focused on the physical Firth. So while I'm glowing from the fact that people are saying lovely things about this film, I'm in the middle of working on the next one, which keeps your feet on the ground.

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That's as good as it gets. You lose the truth. Advertisement nure be given a whole day in the life of a man, playing a character who is never off-screen, and be working with such a small group of people and do it in just 21 very intense and intimate days, and then have people love it? So you don't play unhappiness.