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A Serious Amateur's Guide to Making Movies - Step 3: Shoot the Video

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Videos amateur Film

A lot of that time was spent walking around the orchard, preparing shots. When in doubt, shoot more. This is the time of day when the light is most likely soft and warm. Or just the subject?

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For example, when I shot my cherry harvest movie, I captured several minutes of footage of the truck arriving, amateug, disconnecting from the trailer, and connecting to the waiting trailer. There are three basic options: It was also nice to be outdoors in a pleasant place on a pair of nice days. There are four types of added motion: A one-legged support is better than no support at all. It can still sway from side to side almost like a very short-range dollylean back or forward tiltor pivot pan.

Coverage Basics Amateu term coverage refers to the way you shoot various scenes for your movie. In this medium shot, you can see a lot of activity among the swampers. While some of the vibration can be removed in post-production using editing software filters, you should not rely on these tools. This b-roll footage made it possible to cutaway to related visuals. One of the opening shots of my cherry harvest movie starts close in and zooms out. What else is included?