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Scholarships for Asian Women

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Most of the awards Femald below are being offered only to Asian women, however, in a few cases, we have included some that are offered educationa, both Asian men and women because they are just too important to ignore. Presentations this year will be made in November. Application deadline is October 1st. You can find complete eligibility details on the AWIB website at http: It is the aim of this program to help students with significant financial need reach their full potential in life.

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For complete details, visit the website at http: Application deadline is January educxtional. Eligibility Commitment to the Asian Pacific American community Dedication and interest vrants pro bono legal work Leadership potential Find more about this scholarship at Napaba. The scholarship is renewable for up to four-years. Eligibility Asian or Pacific Islander Self-identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender Graduate of a high school in one of the following Bay Area counties: Enrollment in an accredited U. APIO promotes the idea that Asian Pacific Americans should play a vital role in conservation and agricultural management.

Some examples of Professional Associations with Asian-American specific grant programs include: Asian-American and Pacific Islander students are encouraged to apply. Non-Profits Non-profit organizations often offer quite lucrative grant opportunities for students and researchers with ssian minority background. Femmale key to finding brants sources of much needed college funding, is to target those that most closely apply to your personal circumstances. Look for those grant programs that relate to your chosen field of study, personal and family history and financial circumstances.

Some notable examples of non-profit organizations offering education grants for Asian-American students include: The Ford Foundation — Well known for its doctoral and post-doctoral dissertation grants aimed at ethnic minority students, the Ford Foundation's mission is to provide incentive to minority students, including Asian-Americans, who are pursuing faculty positions in academia.

Asian educational grants Female

Many national business associations and granta organizations regularly sponsor educatiojal for Asian-American and Pacific Islander students who may not otherwise be able Fmeale afford to complete a college education. Often these grants are subject-specific, and are designed to encourage and support students who are pursuing careers in fields in which Asian-Americans have been historically under-represented. Asian-American students who are looking to supplement their college fund with grants or scholarships should look to professional associations and non-profit organizations with close ties to the Asian-American community.

The following examples are indicative of the grants and scholarships available through the private sector. The Asian-American Journalists Association administers a variety of grants and fellowships for students pursuing careers in both print and broadcast journalism. To be eligible, applicants must be student members of the AAJA.

The Language Training Femalee is available to students pursuing the advanced study of an Asian language other than their own. The Louisa Mallari Fellowship edcational available to graduate students engaged in doctoral research into an Asian country and culture other than their own. Finally, a Comparative and Collaborative Research Grant is available to graduate and post-graduate students studying abroad. The Urban Artists Initiativesponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts, offers annual grants for minority students pursuing degrees in the performing or literary arts.