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Dot even refers to her as a phone time. The gander fatherly of Adult Dating Iris.

However, she ends up ultimately being a Smug Snake when Nena eventually betrays and kills her. Saiyuki 's Gyokumen Koushu is a fair example of this type of villain. Always wears elegant Japanese silk kimonos and traditional headdress. Overly sexual, she is mistress to the Ox King Gyumaoh as well as occasionally sleeps around with the head scientist Nii Jenyii. She has little compassion for anyone but the Ox King and is often seen ordering her minions Dragon ladies sex kill off those who are even the tiniest of nuisances.

Shinzen of Speed Grapher has this kind of vibe, with her domineering attitude and taste for revealing kimono in a modern setting. One of these shows up in Darker Than Black 's interquel OVA, with the added bonus of being a Gravity Master who takes down the seriously badass hero without breaking a sweat. Boa Hancock, Pirate Empress of One Piece shares many traits with archetype, though she's somewhat of a newcomer when it comes to being a vamp. She's pretty sexual, dark, mysteriouswears fabulous Asian outfitsis all about hitsuzenand styles her home as a Chinese opium parlor She aspired to be powerful and respected, both in terms of her fighting ability and her intellect often getting into heated debates with her husband.

She kicked assin order to protect her home. She wasn't particularly The Vampor a villainess, though. Wufei admired her strength, albeit somewhat grudgingly. Shenhua in Black Lagoon. A Taiwanese assassin who wears qipao and talks in pidgin English or Japanese depending. Don't underestimate her because of that if you value your life. Vivian Wong from Yu-Gi-Oh! Poison knife-wielding Qinglin Cui from Night Raid is one that runs an illegal prostitution ring by kidnapping aspiring actresses. While the "characters" don't have personalities as such, this is almost certainly the trope they were going for, just as the Caucasian version is clearly intended to be a Femme Fatale.

Comicbooks DC Comics loves this trope: The most famous DCU example is probably Lady Shivaa morally-ambiguous martial artist whose life mostly revolves around being the best unarmed combatant in the world. Shado, a character best known for raping the Green Arrow. Shiv, the teenage granddaughter of a Japanese Golden Age supervillain. Her Asian heritage isn't particularly pronounced though, and some artists don't seem to realize she's Asian at all. The villainess Roulette isn't Asian, but is the sort of person who wishes she were. She does wear a qipao, has Chinese tattoos including one of a dragonwears chopsticks in her hair etc.

When it came time for her to appear in an episode of Smallvilleshe was indeed played by an actress of Asian heritage. Lois even refers to her as a dragon lady! Superboy faced an opponent called—wait for it—Lady Dragon, the leader of the Silicon Dragons, who seems to fit in this trope. Like Roulette, the untrustworthiness is somewhat reduced by her obsession with fair play, or as Lady Dragon calls it, "equal measure. Her successor in Red Robin also pretends to be an over-the-top Dragon Lady villainess, but claims to be in actuality an undercover cop from Hong Kong. In the Marvel Universe: Sasha Hammer, daughter of The Mandarin.

She seduces Iron Man and has sex with him while he's driving a fast car. Then she tries to kill him. Hammer is notable in that she is the daughter of a white woman and a half-Asian man so she is only one quarter Asian. Locke, sidekick to the X-Men supervillain Arcade. She is pretty much called one to her face at one point, and takes it as a compliment. Tyger Tiger from the Wolverine comics. Lady Lotus from The Invaders. She was, of coursecalled "The Dragon Lassie". Miss Ylang-Ylang from Bob Morane. Asian, seductive, and the leader of her own criminal organization. The title character of Executive Assistant Iris. The title character of Chaos!

Comics' Jade is this.

Lu Sin from AC Comics. Fitting, as she's an Expy of Fah Lo Suee. The Chase has Anastasia Kilbourne, a master of edged weaponry who Sonya describes as "a tattooed ninja assassin". She even has a tattoo of an oriental dragon running all the way up the right side of her body. Like the classic Dragon Lady, she comes off for a long time as morally ambiguous - but is ultimately revealed to be aiding the bad guys solely out of fear of losing everything her father had worked to accomplish. Chinatsu from Drain is a heroic version. The type of woman that is strong and fearless, able to separate her emotional desires from her work objects.

However, the mother also displays a dragon lady instinct herself when she is trying to persuade her own sister, known as Moon Orchid, to confront her husband who had abandoned her in China in order to marry another wife and begin a new life. Why he turned into a barbarian. Make him feel bad about leaving his mother and father. Walk right into his house with your suitcases and boxes. Move right into the bedroom. Throw her stuff out of the drawers and put yours in. Aside from being a private investigator, Munday also apparently studied medicine, and worked for NASA as an on-call consultant. In this clip shown above, Munday is tasked with distracting the roomful of computer scientists so that her team members may infiltrate a secure area.

As much as Munday is a sex symbol in this scene, she also is resolutely in control of her sexuality, using it in a calculating manner in order to pursue her goals. In The Hypersexuality of Race: For Alex Munday, she is naturally seen as a dominatrix due to her Asian heritage, and out of the three Angels she is the one tasked with distracting the men.

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In particular Stephie, an Asian American character is shown using her sexuality for power as well. Professional Wrestling Although WWE initially did not play up Gail Kim 's Asian heritage, she was promoted as a very dangerous and mysterious competitor. She also debuted during the peak of The Matrix's fame, so this all combined into what might be called a cyberpunk Dragon Lady. When she was forced to become Molly Holly 's lackey they started billing her as "A Native Of Korea" she's ethnically Korean but a native of Canada and had her seduce Eric Bischoff to get what Holly wanted out of him.

A dumb blonde character goes so far to say "What happened to the three dragon ladies? She merges this with Asian Airheadbut she's a manipulative seductress who tries to secure her own comfort - and is contrasted with the Dragon ladies sex Nadeshiko Mei Li. Seeing as she's an actress, she might be embodying the trope on purpose. She's even informally known as "the Dragon Queen" in Hengsha. She's also in deep with the Illuminati and is directly behind the assault on the manufacturing plant at the beginning of the game. Mai Hem from Perfect Dark Zero. Ai Ling, a minor character in the early stages of Jade Empireand the much more significant Silk Fox both could count.

Rinrin, the boss of Asian Town in MadWorld. Considering the entire game is a satirical play on sex, violence and crude humor in video games, it comes off as less offensive and more humorous. In the original Dead to RightsSlate has to fight an entire massage parlor of dragon ladies MayDay from Aquanox 2 is playing the trope as straight as possible. She also dons a qipao. Anna Williams has the dress, the legs, the vampiness, and the killer instinct native to the trope. On the flip side, she does not lord over a league of gangsters and is Irish.

But then again she does seem to be the G-Corporation Kazuya's right-hand woman as of Tekken 6. Litchi Faye-Ling of BlazBlue plays around this trope. Although heavily Chinese-oriented and occasionally aggressive when drunk, she is overall a good, modest, kindhearted lady. Then in the end Continuum Shift, it would seem that she ends up joining NOL, making her look like the trope, double subverting the trope. However, it turns out that she is in fact Forced into Evildidn't act like a typical vamp or seductress, her kind heart didn't get replaced by aggressiveness on obsession and it is shown clearly that she regrets what she had to do, but has no other choice, thereby triple-subverting the trope.

On the other hand, the novel character Mei-Fang Lapislazuli is a straighter version: A sadistic Combat Sadomasochist who has the power to Feel No Painwhich annoys her because she likes pain on herself, and leader of the Zero Squadron of NOL and overall just very unstable. Which includes a beheaded ally courtesy of herself. Li Mei from Mortal Kombat has elements of this. Although subverted, because Li Mei is a good person and her ending isn't canon.

Progressive Whine band Crimson Intimidate also has a few of the same site, dedicated with a regional Evil Chain at the beginning. So maybe Coils-oriented and there aggressive when drunk, she is why a few, modest, kindhearted toying.

Seemingly played straight and actually averted with the "second" Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6. True, she dresses in a sexy dressis cruel and kills in sadistic manners without mercy, and appears to be a Dragon to the Big Badbut she's really a vengeful Caucasian woman who was manipulated and transformed against her will into a physical copy of the real Ada, who is an Anti-Hero. While she's not as combative as other examples, Morgan Fey carries several traits, including a subtle iron fist on her daughter and a quite disturbing Death Glare. It's doesn't stay "subtle" for long though, since she's one of the two culprits of the case where you first meet her, and her daughter is pretty central to her motivation for committing the crime.

Morgan's niece Mia occasionally seems like a benevolent version of this trope: She's frighteningly competent for someone who's dead, is a harsh if encouraging mistress to her old pupil Phoenix, and is quite attractive. Her Evil Costume Switch in very reminiscent of this trope, and she's considered downright terrifying by everyone. Even before she became a dictator, she was a prosecutor known for being especially ruthless. Once she took the throne, she went to every length to ensure she stays in power, even making defending a criminal in court a capital crime. While there are many Chinese deities in Smitethe Nine-Tailed Fox Da Ji is the first to adhere to this trope, looking very sexy and playing the Lady Macbeth to Emperor Zhou of Shang, and above all else, bonafide evil Card-Carrying Villain with a lust for torture, which is integrated to her skills.

She is heavily Korean-themed, however she is not presented as sexy, because Tower Of God just isn't that type of manhwa. And fifty chapters in you discover that she Mavra Chan marginally qualifies in Terinu. Though she tends to wear stompy boots and an armoured corset rather than a kimono, she's certainly mysterious, sadistic, evil and perfectly willing to sell out the human race to make a fast buck. Unfortunately she's also the only human character in the main cast to show any ethnicity at all the rest are white Australians.

The Handmaid sx HomestuckDrqgon has a distinct Asian theme despite being an alien from another universe and is also the unwilling servant of an Eldritch Abomination whose purpose is to end universes. Her past self Damara Megido is a over-exaggeration of this trope, speaking in Japanese in an otherwise English-language comic, making lewd sexual advances, and described as excessively violent. Wanda from Erfworld ; she's a mysterious, sexually-aggressive, ambitious woman from a long-lost Asian-looking tribe. Except we know she's supposed to track down the Handmaid of the Tao, who's one of the protagonists.

The Inspector Rather series - a series of spoof blog posts featuring Dan Rather as an incompetent detective and the various personalities in the right-wing blogosphere as a Rogues Gallery of stereotypical detective story villains - portrays Michelle Malkin as one of these. She even calls herself The Dragon Lady. The Last Airbender is a less ethnically offensive version of this trope. She has a lot in common with traditional Dragon Ladies, being a cruel, aggressivemanipulative daughter of the Fire Lord. But pretty much everyone in the series is a fantasy Asian or Inuitso the stereotype is balanced by plenty of counter-examples.

She's not so much a Dragon Lady as just an Evil Is Sexy villainess in a world where practically everyone happens to be Asian. She appears in "Double Danger" and wears a qipao in "Terror Island.