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Heartbroken parents harvest dead son's SPERM to create 'designer grandson' in British 'first'

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The man's body lay undiscovered for two days but, once recovered, his sperm — which can survive for up to 72 hours following serm — was retrieved by a urologist and immediately frozen. After nearly a year, it was flown to Soons Smotrich's clinic, using a UK-based specialist medical courier. The child, believed to be three-years-old now, was born via eggs and surrogate Dr Smotrich, 55, an IVF pioneer who created the first test-tube baby for a same-sex US couple inwas responsible for another UK first in when he helped Berkshire-based businessman Ian Mucklejohn become Britain's first single dad of triplets.

I have done it only five times. They wanted a boy. Usually the sperm is extracted while the men are still alive, or children are born from IVF embryos created by a couple before the father's death. But this may be the first UK case in which a baby has been born from sperm extracted posthumously.

There have been other cases in India, the US and Australia. Liam, soons 19, and Joel, 16, were born after father Stephen died in from bacterial meningitis. His sperm was retrieved while he was in a coma. Dr Smotrich said he was 'unaware' of how the grandparents bypassed British law.

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The HFEA was unable to confirm whether its committee had reviewed the case. Dr Smotrich's office manager Diane Batzofin said: Who will be my heir? To pull it off, Louis would need to play a biological numbers game. Speaking deliberately, with the fluency of a man who has had a lot of explaining to do, he describes how his mission has transformed hundreds of lives, but also raised questions about family secrecy, identity and the ethics of artificial insemination. Louis was born in the Netherlands but spent his earliest years in Suriname in South America, where his father, a doctor, was born. Louis barely saw him and he and his mother, a Dutch missionary nurse, returned to Holland when Louis was six.

His father later also settled there. Louis and his father were largely estranged, but the boy felt a pressure to seize opportunities his Surinamese family never had in the former Dutch colony. Even so, he struggled at school and dropped out of university. Had his parents been happy, he wonders if he might now have siblings and closer ties to his extended family. Perhaps he would have a family of his own. He also believes he has a form of autism, which has made relationships and emotions difficult.

Romances have died on the vine. He was happy in his own company, but an existential angst still consumed him — until he decided on his unique mission. I was pregnant with twins when Sprem found Spns had 15 siblings and that my father was soms my father Regulation of Dutch sperm banks was lax in the early 80s, but Louis knew that donating at the level he needed would be discouraged. In Britain today, the same donor sperm may be used in no more than 10 families. In Holland, the limit is now Any more, and the risk of accidental incest is thought too great. To avoid raising suspicion, Louis used three sperm banks, the farthest one a short train ride away, logging his donations in a notebook he still keeps on a shelf.

For 20 years, fromLouis donated as often as three times a week, generally before work.

Sons sperm Found

He says the banks must have known he was visiting too often, but demand for reliable donors was high: Foudn was an asset. The clinic he cycled to, it would later transpire, had also exaggerated his credentials in the anonymous profile for prospective mothers. While the sperm banks turned a blind eye, Louis never lost sight of his goal.