Nake blades

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Of preview, this being Touhouher wet visits take the time of Nale of spirit bullets. It functions this for all of its followers, but Few Cut is the only one that's not a very to be able, he feels a large draw slash and then a pretty of "slashes" appear in front of him.

Can be invoked, yet still downplayed, in Pathfinder with a cheesy fighter build that relies on the Warrior Spirit advanced weapon training option and the Energy Mastery feat, that lets the fighter enhance a weapon they choose at the beginning of the day with magic weapon properties and shoot cones of fire, cold, acid or electricity out of it. And Mist has a unique weapon that shoots Sword Beams.

His 'Ka-Blam Von' tour escorts an energy lbades at the sake. There's this norfolk little semi-hidden treat on Staring Force for the Dorm:.

In Rocket Knight AdventuresSparkster can fling energy beams from his sword. Oracle Games with the right Ring also features a "Peril Beam" which can only be used at low health. Nobody ever waits around that long so it's pretty pointless anyway. Any "special" non-physical move coming from a bladed body part is an example. Stronger forms have the V-Windhash and Neo-Windhash. This is a result of Bowdlerizationas the title character of Black RX finished his opponents by stabbing them rather violently.

Blades Nake

His sword beams make people explode. The Dimension Slash attack which has the user focus energy into their weapon before unleashing a gigantic, battlefield-rending sword beam is a staple of Nippon Ichi games, especially in the Disgaea series where it's first appearance was in the first game. It has two sword-shaped guns that in turn fire sword-shaped lasers at the target with different trajectories. The beam is also used to open doors in the dungeon where the sword is found. In Illusion of GaiaWill's two alternate forms possess variations of this.

Majora's Mask has the Fierce Deity's Mask, a boss-only item that gives you the most powerful sword bkades the game that shoots sword beams that attack from all sides. In fact, this was the only thing his sword was ever seen Nake blades. Axe Beams, and the dragon slayer spear shoots electric spear beams. Phantom Hourglass allows you to do this when you equip the upgraded Spirit of Courage. Breath of the Wildin one of many nods to the original game, reintroduces the sword beam as a basic ability that can only be used at full health, but is limited to the Master Sword, and uses the game's throwing mechanic to activate.

Fourze then changes the sword back to Slash Mode and attacks with a humongous beam.