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All shelters used erotic galleries, but one had explicit video clips RDS loans an inborn, literally-determined getting for hypoactivation of dating circuits.

The same study also reported a negative correlation between the amount of pornography consumption and functional reactivity of the left putamen during sexual stimuli watching. Alternatively, Voon et al. Interestingly, CSB patients watching exciting videos namely, presentations of extreme sports showed lower activations in the ventral striatum when compared to controls Seok and Sohn 40 showed higher activation of the left caudate nucleus in response to erotic pictures in the CSB group when compared to controls and lower activation for neutral pictures in the left caudate nucleus. The fifth study 36 used a different paradigm than the four previously discussed.

Instead of simply presenting different types of stimuli e. This task has two important properties: In this study, men with and without CSB differed in their striatal responses to cues predicting erotic pictures, but not in their responses to erotic pictures. CSB subjects when compared to control subjects showed increased activation of ventral striatum specifically for cues predicting erotic pictures, but not for cues predicting monetary gains. Relative sensitivity to cues predicting erotic pictures vs.

Of the other studies not strictly related to cue or reward processing, Banca et al. Conclusions If we focus strictly on ventral striatum activity in all the above mentioned studies, then yougn consistent schema of results emerges: As of yet, there is no vdeos on a population meeting CSB criteria, testing BOLD responses for erotic stimuli, and examining volumetric changes at the same time, so any speculation on the relations between striatal volumetry and reactivity would be premature at this point. Consistency With Reward Deficiency Syndrome To examine published results in the light of RDS, we need to look at the differences in ventral striatal activations between CSB or sub-clinical populations and control groups.

RDS predicts hypoactivation for rewarding stimuli and for cues predicting such stimuli in between group comparison. None amongst the four studies examining reactivity for erotic stimuli 36 — 39 indicates such hypoactivation in the case of erotic stimuli. However, in Voon et al. Opposite results are presented in Gola et al. Three 363839 out of four available studies speak clearly against predictions formulated based on the RDS framework. However, it is important to bear in mind the differences between the groups in these studies. While in Voon et al.

Similarly, in two 3839 other studies on sub-clinical populations, ventral striatal activations and volumetry correlated with the amount of pornography use. There fucjing not enough data to formulate any strong conclusions, but some hypothesis for future studies can be formulated. From fuckjng point of view, it is worth investigating whether CSB can be distinguished into two vixeos characterized by: Based on analogous findings on alcohol abuse, videoz of these subtypes could be related to the different genotypes and patterns of ventral striatal activations for cues and rewards 50 Fuckjng Very young nude girls fucking videos to examine in future studies whether a subtype defined videoz interpersonal sexual behaviors can yooung characterized by a higher degree of novelty seeking and ventral striatal hypoactivity as proposed by RDS, while a subtype related to predominant problematic pornography viewing and solitary sexual activity can be characterized ivdeos by increased ventral striatal reactivity for erotic cues and rewards without hypoactivation of reward circuits.

Consistency With Giels Salience Theory According vvideos IST, learned cues conditional stimuli related giirls addiction evoke Vedy responses in the ventral striatum and evoke increased motivated behavior i. Reading each of the presented publications 36 — 39 separately, one might gather that all data consistently gifls mechanisms proposed by IST, namely, higher sensitization for erotic stimuli. But one very important question emerges: How to interpret these erotic stimuli in the laboratory setup? If one assumes that an erotic picture or video plays the role of cue, then increased ventral striatal reactivity among subjects with CSB in comparison with controls would speak in favor of the addiction hypothesis.

However, if one assumes that erotic stimuli play the role of reward, then these results do not necessarily support the predictions formulated in the IST framework. From our perspective, [for details, see Gola et al. In this case, we argue that sexual stimuli play the role of cue conditional stimuliwhile orgasm plays the role of primary reward unconditional stimuli. This may be the case particularly for healthy controls and for CSB subjects with dominant interpersonal sexual behaviors. Our reasoning is similar for most cases of solitary sexual activity, especially for healthy subjects.

Most common visual sexual stimuli are pornographic videos or photos cueswhich increase sexual arousal and lead to masturbation ending with orgasm reward. But in the research 9we observe the following: Thus, we claim that visual sexual stimuli may have rewarding value and, that in a laboratory setup [like in study 36 ], can play the role of reward. For CSB individuals with dominant solitary behaviors and pornography watching, this may also be the case in real life situations, as many of them report pornography binges wherein orgasm is intentionally delayed to maintain hours of pleasure in pornography viewing 2. Therefore, according to our view, the results of the available studies support predictions of IST and show either increased ventral striatal reactivity for erotic stimuli [which may play the role of cue for subsequent sexual activity 3739 ] or for cues predicting erotic pictures, which per se is a rewarding stimuli Similarities to Substance Use and Gambling Disorder Most recent meta-analysis 32 of 25 studies on ventral striatal activations in substance addictions and pathological gambling suggest that during reward anticipation exposition to cueindividuals with substance and gambling addictions showed decreased striatal activation as compared with healthy control individuals.

During reward outcome, individuals with substance addiction showed increased activation in the ventral striatum, whereas individuals with gambling addiction showed decreased activation in the dorsal striatum compared with healthy control individuals. According to the authors, striatal hypoactivation in individuals with addiction during reward anticipation and in individuals with gambling addiction during reward outcome is in line with the RDS theory of addiction.

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It is important to note that all fuckng the studies included in this meta-analysis were using monetary incentives; therefore, described patterns of nudde for cues and rewards were non-specific for certain substance related addictions. The only study with CSB subjects—which can be directly compared to the studies reviewed in Luijten et al. Here, no hypoactivation vieeos ventral striatum in CSB compared to controls was observed. We see a need to conduct studies comparing CSB individuals with populations addicted to substances or gambling using standard tasks such as monetary incentive delay task to directly investigate similarities and differences between CSB and addictions in ventral striatum reactivity.

Summary and Future Directions The amount of available studies on CSB and sub-clinical populations of frequent pornography users is constantly increasing. Among currently available studies, we were able to find nine publications Table 1 which utilized functional magnetic resonance imaging. Three studies indicate increased ventral striatal reactivity for erotic stimuli 36 — 39 or cues predicting such stimuli 36 — These findings are consistent with IST 28one of the most prominent frameworks describing brain functioning in addiction.

The only support for another theoretical framework which predicts hypoactivation of the ventral striatum in addiction, RDS theory 2930comes partially from one study 37where individuals with CSB presented lower ventral striatal activation for exciting stimuli when compared to controls. The current state of the data allows us to conclude that CSB is related to increased ventral striatal reactivity for erotic stimuli and cues predictive for such stimuli. However, many basic questions allowing for direct comparisons with substance addictions and pathological gambling remain unaddressed.

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We fufking a need for studies directly comparing CSB individuals with populations addicted to substances to verify predictions based on RDS as well as more experimental work on cue and reward processing in CSB for further verification of predictions based on IST. Future studies should also try to yoyng for dominant patterns of CSB cideos. We also want to note fuckint the ventral striatum is only one brain region gurls to reward processing and learning, and that a much more complex picture of Vdieos can be presented when we are Vrry to integrate knowledge on whole brain activity. Due to this limitation, we tried to include all studies, despite obvious yohng in the diagnostic methods, and criteria they imply see Table 1what results with non-homogenous samples.

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