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On the interracial track, the men brag about their practice and are having that no man can work what they have to have. Nine months into becoming, he's got "flu-like ports when heading not around," and is not to lock it down, not interested "knock it down. Lo and Beyonce herself.

Crazy what a big booty will make men do. Even when it's all over for 2 Chainz, he still wants to be surrounded by the butts. On the track, Q-Tip raps softly as he kicks game to the "applebum" of his eye.

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Rappers have yelled loudly how women should shake it while singers break out in a serenade when seeing a lady walk down the street with a rear that catches their eye. On awaag track, the rapper thinks very highly of himself and puts himself and the pleasure he's getting from the booty at the center. We're pretty sure the body part was created for more usage than Mystikal's gaze, but in this moment, this thought doesn't occur to him. In a world where only guys get to talk their game and smack, Trina represents for the ladies. Essentially he's not paying attention to jean labels today; all that matters is the quality of what's inside of them.

The songstress is confident in stating she's the baddest in the club at the moment and has the skills to prove she can move it the best as well.

New Booty,' the title of his butt-loving record. Nine months into dating, he's got "flu-like symptoms when shorty not around," and is ready to lock it down, not just "knock it down. Kelly 's tune 'Feelin' On Your Booty' gives away the main premise of the song. We're not going to repeat anything else, so listen further to hear more NSFW lyrics. Luda can't help but say, "You lookin' mighty fine in them jeans. Becky, look at her butt. Kelly The title of R.

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All in all this was probably the most creative tribute to booty ever made. When it comes to bums, "All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom and a boom-boom" goes the hook. Juicy J adds his requests on his verse stating, "Make you do a wiggle, do a perfect split.