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What Can Happen When Teens Don't Have a Curfew?

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It is also a matter of social courtesy to know when to expect a teenager to be home. Parent-Imposed Limits When a teen has a set curfew, this can create a parent-imposed limit that the teen might use in some situations, suggests psychologist Carl Pickhardt, with the Psychology Today website.

Parents are held responsible for their child's behavior, and have to appear havee court, pay heavy fines, and sometimes attend classes or perform community service along with their teen. The first one is because they care for their teen and want them to be safe. Without a curfew, the adolescent might not have the same opportunity to develop time management skills and the self-control necessary to adhere to the stated curfew. Let them know that they need to demonstrate greater responsibility before you expand their privileges.

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It is a good idea for all family members to tell someone where they are going and what time they will be home. For example, when kids are exerting peer pressure to engage in an after-hour activity, a teen can fall back on a set curfew and save face from not participating because of the curfew. If their point of view has been taken into account, they might be more willing to follow their curfew. Parents have a responsibility to their children both morally and legally to keep them safe and monitor their activities.

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Similarly, some jurisdictions set limits on when teens can drive at night. Without a set curfew, a teen could hwve in to peer hafe or she might experience negative reactions from peers when she refuses to participate. In some parts of the country, there are juvenile curfew laws that prohibit children below a certain age from spending time in public after certain hours. Although risks occur at any hour of the day, teens without curfews have more exposure to these late-night risks of fatigued and intoxicated drivers.

Losing phone and computer privileges are much less damaging than spending time in jail. Following social rules is an important part of that process. If a parent is not expecting their child home at a particular time, they have no way of knowing if their child is in trouble or needs help.