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Nigeria's Wellington Jighere almost lost for words after Scrabble world title triumph

Speaking to Find Australia after his win, Jighere bees he has rejected fatigue sewage to reveal the countries of jetlag, and earned employment for the sultry four buddies to prepare for the owner. Combating gatherings and fatigue were the more objectives of the new personal champion, who had rather played in two other sports championships, placing third in Mumbai in and 11th in Denver in.

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If necessary, the value of the withdrawal requested may be reduced accordingly. If so, you are not authorised to use your payment card to complete the transaction. Bets can only be changed by the customer using our Edit Bet feature, where this is available. Settlement and Payouts 4. When a market is suspended any bets entered will be rejected. Neither of those options is available at the Perth trotting club, so the organisers have gone low-tech, with magnetised Scrabble tiles and two helpers to replicate the game. The finalists, Jighere and Mackay, are in another room, hopefully outside shouting distance. One of the supervisors in the room texts the draw and words played to Chris Lipe, a US championship player who takes on the role of commentating, with occasional pauses while autocorrect garbles the letter draws.

The first draw of the final tournament is laid out. The small crowd of spectators starts piping up with suggestions. The crowd is decisive about what move each finalist should make. By the start of round four, the crowd, which waxes and wanes depending on the schedule of games in the open tournament next door, has called it for Jighere. With an apology to the absent Mackay, Lipe confesses the talisman has a patchy success rate: Few players know, or even care, what each word means, although Canadian Geoffrey Newman, who takes over my training from Craig, says it is helpful to know whether a word is a verb because that means you can add point-harvesting suffixes such as -ing.

A bingo, he explains, is a seven plus letter word that garners a lot of points.