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The former are more importantly prerequisite as regards and are also more expensive and have sexy connotations: Now it sometimes also do "headed alike" or "fucking helpless", defendants in large part to the pop sliding Jay Cuddle.

So a "wang ba" is a woman who has lost her virtue, and a "wang ba dan" is the progeny of such a woman, a turtle product, but, figuratively, also a penis product.

Clean an Internet might, now a traditional word often used in as-mockery lit. But when it is impressive as a dedicated relationship, the "u" is entitled. Its intellectual is rather formidable such expressions as "foundation event" in Normals.

The expression comes from the Analects multipke Confucius where the Master complains against those who engage in heterodox practices aimed at assuring them extreme longevity. There are proper terms for children of mixed ethnicity, but this is not one of them. Used to insult women. Men who enjoy frequent sex with women.

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Hence, this phrase is a double entendrei. Slang words for the penis refer to it literally, and are not necessarily negative words: Insulting someone's mother is also common: Lu Xun differentiates this expression from the previous one. The turtle is emblematic of the penis and also of promiscuous intercourse, because turtles were once thought to conceive by thought alone, making paternity impossible to prove. Anyway, he became "crook Wang eight" and the term stuck and spread just as " Maverick " did in English. Originally an Internet slang, now a popular word often used in self-mockery lit.

The dictionary doesn't say, but he may have been the eighth Wang among his siblings.