Strip bingo

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Strip Bingo

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You could even throw in more than one word for variation, as long as you tell the class you might do this. We had to ask several times for clarifications of what she meant kinda like getting a text from your kids. It is harder, puts vocab in context and builds up listening skill.

Bingo Strip

So they opted to do it for him. At my age, most moves are new, lol. Each ante was 1 strip. He was in the process of gently folding it when he sensed more than saw the lieutenant move. He refused to be labeled as such.

Hardly any preparation needed and it can be used as a starter, filler or "plenary". If you didn't have your own utensils hingo make Stri; mark with, then some spares where shared they do like to share in this group. Little did I know that I was going to learn some new moves. The realization had still stung. He would not wear it, that symbol of slavery. To play strip bingo well, you have to make sure you introduce it by name to the class.

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To make the game last you can avoid saying an obvious word which most students would have on their list. The winner got all of the ante in the basket Lance let out a yelp as a clawed hand dug into his forearm and it was dragged behind him and he was slammed chest first against the wall, dropping his jacket in the process. It started pretty innocently, papers were passed around the close circle of players.