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Bottom Bay

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Rhe you are planning to picnic at Bottom Bay in make sure you go well prepared, as there no public facilities or amenities, and no food or drink retail outlets.

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Join the Mount Gay Rum tour and learn about how they make this amber-colored goodness. It's a great place bototm a long, lazy beach day or a late-day picnic underneath the swaying coconut palm trees. Swimming is generally not recommended due to the medium to large waves and unpredictable strong currents and undertow, and anyone deciding to swim here needs to do so at their own risk. To get there, you turn off from the main road, drive down a narrow road, at the end of which you can park your car.

Bottom Bay to the

Swimming is not advisable, ot, as the waves create a strong current. Most resorts and hotels will provide shuttle transportation to and from the airport, and sometimes even around the island to the tourist hot spots. But no worries -- if the crowds get to be too much when you're out exploring, just hightail it back to Bottom Bay for more rest and relaxation. The big big problem is that it is not safe. The best place to hang with the locals and taste some real authentic cuisine is at the Friday night Oistins Fish Fry.

That said, had it not been for the safety issue, we bottoj have loved to have spent the day there, reading a book etc. Festival fans planning a summer visit may want to check out the island's 5-week-long Crop Over Festival, an old tradition with parades, parties and lots of calypso music. Michael parishes provide a little more action. Just off the coast, there are coral reefs that tempt snorkelers and scuba divers with their exotic underwater life.

The beaches along the island's south coast stretch out for miles with little interruption. Further south in St. We came back the next day hoping the guy would be gone but, not only was he was still there, he had brought his buddies.