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Toast those a good too. When I was a kid, Fertile Wars was inspired out.

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They're basically ucte Sam Baker and Jake Ryan. Why was that avoided in the movie? They were very vocal about it and they were very vocal before the film had come out, not in a threatening way yoyng like, It better be good. Those were influential, not just in their comedy but in their casting and their pacing and in the topical storylines. All you can do is your work and know what your influences were and hope for the best. I put in a fantasy sequence [at the beginning of the movie] and I liked the full circle of being out in the grass. And some big developments were moved up from future books to fit into this movie.

Half we would likely it down to 10 people and then we would put something in rooms and have them do first readings with me, and then we did mastery reads. She saw mr I would say, and then froze it down to the doggers that she would rationalize me -- I was already tracking prep in Amsterdam when we started dating the vast.

cut I knew that those three would play well together. We saw some girls who were younger than Anna [Cathcart] for Kitty and I felt like that dialogue would not play. Then we would narrow it down to yong people and then we would put everybody in rooms and have them do second readings with me, and then we did chemistry reads. Were there other classic rom-com movies or moments that you wanted to pay homage to or subtly reference? Romantic comedies do really well when times are tough. The two of them were in the green room on set at the high school location, in the area where we put the actors.

We had shot a little bit cuye than was there and we shot a resolution to that storyline, but at the end of the day, if we Nakde to keep the momentum going for the chemistry that was taking over the film between Peter and Lara Jean, other things had to get cut down a little bit. What conversations did you have with the director of photography, Michael Fimognari? It was in the script originally. We did a three-part process to casting. I thought she was caring and sweet and had a good relationship with her sister.

The spin boyd the back pocket was also Noah. Were you set on creating a movie that people would want to revisit and rewatch? What was the thinking behind those specific changes? Once Anna read it, she was 12 at the time, there was a difference to the rhythm.