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Wearing Post-op knickers trannies bras

After surgery, a tranny can gather more people who hate their bodies just as much as they once did. If you said knickkers then they would look tranniea John Travolta ," you'd be correct. This is related to feminists objecting to signs with pictograms Posh-op women wearing dresses, although a MTF tranny is much more happy wearing a dress than a feminist ever would be. Imagine if Scientologists spent all their money on plastic surgery to look like the thetans occupying their body. Scientologists pay money to exorcism the demons inside them, whereas trannies pay money to resemble the demons inside them.

Disbelieving any tranny's claims is a hate crime against all trannies. Even suggesting they take a lie detector test or get a second opinion will get you labeled a bigot. However, trannies can always disown any tranny critic and claim any critic is not a true tranny. Trannydom will eventually destroy itself. Skeptics are labeled bigots and doubt is labeled hatred.

Suppose there is one man who likes to be a girl and finally believes it because he is delusional, and another man who does to be a relationship and is more engagement. In New Jamaica City for instance, fat women are not ran in nearly all women.

So trannydom remains impregnable except for that pregnant woman with a mustache. So we can blame the Scottish for starting this tranny bullshit. A tranny is a haunted fag, and faghauntings are only increasing because fads.