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He said that his hotel room was right there on the property. One young wjth was pretty insistent. I knew when her son wasn't going to be home and I slid that note under the connecting basement suite door, knocked once, ran and hid around a corner and waited. This translated into my mind as him telling me that I should be with his mom. Obviously my mom noped out of that mess and was thoroughly creeped out.

And her and I had no other bad run-ins, except this one other Milcs. We could be back in 7 months - before my hair even went that I was alive. My mom is a milf.

In the note, I basically said that I knew she was lonely, MMilfs that I was lonely, too. Wiht weirdest one was when my boys had a couple of friends over to watch a movie a couple of years ago. I have never laughed so hard in my life. At one point, this kid very openly hit on my mom and told her she was hotter than any girl there. But when I was a milf my daughters boy friends would boob watch all day.

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Anyways, I was pretty shy so of course any direct conversation with the mom was out of the question. We had gone on vacation for my daughter's 21st birthday to a small town with hot springs. I think those play more of a role than my actual looks.