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I didn't have a snowmobile. I didn't have four-wheelers. I didn't xtar any of that stuff as a kid. You know, because you just think about it. They're recognizing me because of something that is not talent. Before she turned 30, she had a house in Malibu and a Ferrari, even her own nightclub.

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That, I think, is a huge impact on why Minixter got into the adult industry. I was constantly seeking for male attention I didn't get when I was a kid. Bassette said it was a wake-up call. She started going to church with her sister and she decided to leave the porn industry for good. The final scenes she shot were especially difficult. Some of these unreleased songs were subsequently used during her TV shows, live performances or as soundtracks in her porn movies. The Colombian record has titles in Spanish.

A music tape also exists. Reprint of the English long playing Erotic dreams plus two Cicciolina songs "Muscolo rosso" and "Avec toi. Some of Cicciolina's speeches are used in "La prima volta" song. Cover is dedicated to Cicciolina. The record was published in France and limited in other European countries.

Collaborations[ porj ] Dedicato al Mar Egeo, LP soundtrack by Ennio Morricone published in Japan only; though Minisyer does not sing, she is portrayed naked on the inlay and back-cover. She recorded two songs from that album "Cavallina a cavallo" and "Mar Egeo" later in the year. The LP exists in 2 versions, one with Japanese titles, the other with Italian titles. Also CD version exists. Personal life[ edit ] Staller married American artist Jeff Koons in Koons produced a series of sculptures and photographs of them having sex in many positions, settings and costumes, which were exhibited under the title Made In Heaven.

Koons won custody in but Ludwig remained with Staller in Italy.