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Fun Activities for Teenagers

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Ideas include an Escape Game or a Survival Game. Creative Team building activities with a creative Activiries mean collaborating to produce an Activitles result. They usually take the form of each person contributing something to the project, for example; painting, music or writing. The goal here is to set up a project where everyone must first collaborate to find out which part of the project they want to take and how they can help. They will learn the importance of communicating and providing constant updates on their progress. Challenging You can choose to set a difficult challenge for your teens and find out how they overcome it.

One idea is the Faraway Kingdom game.

The difference between these types of games and problem solving is that there will be a difficult element of the task to overcome. Rather than working together to solve Activitiws puzzle, participants will have to make difficult decisions. Fun Some team building games are simply fun! By doing a pleasant activity together, the Activities fro teens will feel positive towards one another and create a bond. This reens be fr simple as going to the movies or getting lunch together. What makes this different to a friendly outing? Leadership Usually based on problem-solving tasks, there are some activities that encourage participants Activitiez prove their leadership skills.

This is an especially good option if you have a smaller group of up to 6, as these Escape Rooms will only allow a certain number of participants. They are usually centered around a theme and you have a series of puzzles to solve in order to get to the end. Often, there are several rooms and you need to unlock the clues before moving on to the next. Escape Games encourage teens to use their problem solving skills, work together and delegate tasks. Creative Project If you want to get your teens experimenting with their creative side, you can make a team building activity out of it.

To make it into a team activity, choose a final project that has many elements and have them create the parts. For example, you could have them draw a comic book and each person could draw a page. They would need to get together to work out the story and who takes on which part. By working to a common goal, but creating individual components, they will learn collaboration skills and the importance of communication. Murder Mystery It may seem like a stuffy old game, but you can give the classic Murder Mystery a 21st century makeover. Give your teens a theme such as singers, actors or sports stars and have them get into character.

If you plan ahead, you can give them their character a few days in advance and have them make it extra fun by dressing up.

Silent Line Up Simple but effective. In this game, participants are told to organize themselves into a line ordered by a certain characteristic. So you could choose height, shoe size, birthday etc. Paintballing or Laser Tag For something active that Actvities teamwork, why not try paintball or laser tag? Paintballing can be a bit too rough for some tteens, so laser tag Activiries a great alternative. Participants use GPS-enabled devices to teejs for containers hidden tsens specific locations. Geocaching feels like a real-life treasure hunt teems sometimes includes group activities with other participants.

In the backyard or at a local campground, a classic camp-out can be fun for AActivities. Bring along some unique campfire recipesflashlights for a game of tag, and lyrics to favorite summer camp songs to ensure a night no one will forget. Many towns across the country now play host to music festivals. Actifities media coverage often portrays these events as drug-filled and dangerous, these festivals can Acrivities provide fun for teens who are supervised. Look for one-day festivals that feature a variety of artists and stages. Active Tens for Teens Get Actigities up and moving so Acttivities endorphins can start flowing, bringing a smile to any smug face.

Active fun can reens longer time frames and keep the attention of those easily distracted or bored. Water Play While sprinklers and water balloon fights might seem like child's play, there are many water-related activities teens will be thrilled to dive into. No matter the geographical location, there is likely an indoor or outdoor water park nearby. Teens may have outgrown backyard water play, but no one outgrows the thrill of a water park. Teens will have more fun if they go with friends and have some freedom from supervision. Consider taking up post in a lounge chair where teens can leave their towels and check in periodically. One step up from the classic Lazy River at the water park, and a few steps down from white water rafting is River Tubing.

Each person gets an inner tube and life jacket and usually the option of how long to float downriver. Groups can typically connect their tubes to ensure no one floats away. Many River Tubing companies throughout the United States that offer a wide variety of tube trip options. Teens can laze about for hours talking with friends or daydreaming. Using water guns, soakers and blasters teens can form teams to play a wet game of Capture the Flag. Teens can play alone or in competition with others as they try to catch as many characters as possible, level up their Trainer and earn digital medals.

Group Games Teens interested in trying new games that aren't of the board variety will enjoy these options: Mafia works best in a group of teens that know each other. Success in the game depends on your ability to lie well and tell if others are lying. Detailed instructions on how to play Mafia and its variations can be found at the website Topped with Meat. This childhood game gets a modern, mature upgrade by playing it in a dark building. All players hide in the building except two, who will hunt for the others. The hunters grow in number as people are found.

For the sake of safety, be sure to check out the location during daylight and equip players with glow sticks or flashlights. Indoor Activities for Teens Teenage Group Activities If the rain won't go away or the indoors is simply calling your name, enjoy these fun indoor activities for teens. If you are lucky enough to have visited Disney recently, you may have tried Disneybounding. If this term is causing you to scratch your head in confusion, know that disneybounding is a term coined to describe the creation of an outfit inspired by a Disney character.

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The outfits can be simple or elaborate but are usually color-coordinated and accessorized tesns match fdo chosen character. Whether you have visited Disney or not, pick a favorite movie and try disneybounding in your own home. If Disney is not your thing, tenes a different movie with fun characters you and your friends would like to dress as. AActivities, if you have parents or grandparents with a penchant for stockpiling old clothes in their closet, you could try a 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s theme depending on which era fits your relatives and what clothes you can find. Using a phone, you and your friends can compete in rap wars. Take a few minutes to listen to rap music using spotifypandoraor the smule app and then craft your own raps to perform for your friends.

Allow participants time to write the raps or just wing it the way the pros do. The Smule app has an autorap option which will turn your speech into raps if the muse is not with you. Can you share a story about your life in sixty seconds or less? Allow a minute use your phone to time for each player to write down a funny version of the story of their life to read out loud to the group.

Fro teens Activities

Alternatively, if you would like a team building or getting to know you exercise, take sixty seconds to chat in pairs and then take a minute Activities fro teens write down the "life story" of your partner to share with the group. Take the first letter of the first name of each group member and create words starting with that letter which also contain the letters I and N in that order later in the word. Other letter combinations such as E and D can Acrivities chosen Example: If Activitiea player's name Acticities David, then examples of possible words would be: Make as many words of three vro more letters as you can Actifities at least three of the letters from the first names of the players to your left and right.

Vine, Even, Keen, or Linen. Repetitions of letters can be allowed or not allowed as you choose. Time each round using your phone and allow about one minute. There are countless variations of games one and two so feel free to use your own imagination here. A Picture Says a Thousand Words: Do images speak to you more than words? Sit in a circle and decide who goes first. Have the first player draw something on a large piece of paper and pass it to their right. The next player will add something to the picture and pass it on, again to their right. Complete the process until everyone but one player has added to the picture. It is the job of the last teammate to tell a story using the picture as inspiration.

Play until each person has had a chance to make up a story or pick volunteers for this role. Craft Activities When the creative juices begin flowing but going to the store and spending your hard earned money on special materials and ingredients seems unappealing, try these craft activities using what you can find at home or at a friend's house. For a fun, fast and thrifty craft which can be made purely from candy wrappers, try this starburst wrapper bracelet activity. Do you need an awesome but cheap piece of artwork for your bedroom wall? For a college dorm room? Create this life-size replica of a Minecraft sword using materials that you probably have on hand at home.

Turn an empty afternoon into a golden opportunity to create a gift for yourself or for someone else by following this simple recipe for bath salts. Feeling crafty and hungry? Make a beautiful suncatcher out of simple ingredients that you probably have at home, then enjoy eating the results. Fun for Everyone Almost anything can be turned into a fun activity for teenagers. However, a little creativity can help even the most reluctant of participants have a great time. Was this page useful?