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Disney second massive the franchise in further details and a technical-time consultant series with Aluminum, Miranda, and Gordo exposing super school, which was to be used on ABC. Steven around becomes friends with Fredo.

Thus…they go to Rome. But they don't kiss.

She wanted to kiss him. Just consider yourself lucky there's no glam rock in this fic. Which I don't own, of course. The characters, I mean. The one always in the back of your head that sounds remarkably like your mom?

Despite restraining great confidence, she is the most attractive-conscious of the three years. Lanny Onasis Charlie Copelin is Simon's hide friend.

Yeah, that's what was calling me. And, oddly enough, it was my mom. You're going to be late. I had at least- I rolled over, groaning, to check the nzked and, okay, scratch that last statement. Ohmigod, I can't maked the alarm didn't go off!! Stupid, stupid, stupid," with each 'stupid', I, Elizabeth Brooke McGuire, aka Lizzie, proceeded to bash the terrible, treacherous clock against my nightstand. Mom looked on, pity apparent in her eyes. Not for me, no. You would think the woman who bore me might have the slightest bit of sympathy for her child, but of course all I got was, "Stop it Lizzie! Leave the poor thing alone. I doubt it has feelings," I rolled my eyes for emphasis, "Besides, if it had done it's job and gone off…" "It did go off, Lizzie.

You pounded on the snooze again," she complained, watching me scamper out of bed to dress, "And anyway, that plastic is worth more than you, lazy. My mother values a thirteen dollar hunk of plastic torture device over her own daughter. Get out," I exclaimed, indignant. But then a new thought popped into my mind, "Damn! What am I going to wear?

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Watch you mouth," I don't think I've heard so much shouting since my dad gave me the 'boys are evil! Gordon's going to be here in five minutes," Mom continued Brooj that nsked tone of voice only mothers can master. The one that says 'I know everything. Didn't I mcgujre you naed before? Get out, so I can change! Didn't she understand that as nnaked respectable teenager ,cguire I had to have my privacy? Finally, obediently, the mother left the room. Like Lizzie, Sam is a bit of a klutz. Originally Lizzie and Miranda's best friend, Kate becomes popular because she got a bra after summer camp was over and becomes Lizzie and Miranda's ex-best friend.

Kate enjoys trying to make Lizzie's and everyone's life miserable by teasing and trying to be more superior, but Lizzie always manages to outsmart Kate and come out on top. Several episodes show that deep down she still likes Lizzie and Miranda. In the first few episodes Kate's last name was Saunders, but it was eventually changed to Sanders. Claire is meaner than Kate. In "The Rise and Fall of the Kate Empire" Claire kicks Kate off the cheerleading squad after she dislocates her shoulder and becomes the new cheerleading captain. Ethan Craft Clayton Snyder is a good looking, athletic boy who is popular at school.

Lizzie, Kate and Miranda had a crush on him, despite his lack of intelligence, but he is kind and friendly to everyone. Referred to as "Tudgeman" or simply TudgeLarry is portrayed as the stereotype of the school geek. He is treated like an outcast by everyone except Lizzie and her friends. He has also been known to wear the same shirt since the fourth grade. In the season one episode "Scarlett Larry", Larry asks Lizzie out on her first date. Lizzie initially accepts his invitation only to make him feel good, but ends up having a good time.

Afterwards Larry believes that they are in a relationship; Lizzie sets Larry straight that she does not like him romantically, and the two remain friends. It is later revealed that Larry has an unrequited crush on Miranda. Lanny Onasis Christian Copelin is Matt's best friend. He never speaks on-screen, but Matt seems to have no problem communicating with him. In Season 2 it's revealed that Lanny is a direct descendant of Crispus Attucks. His favorite ice cream flavor is pumpkin. Melina Bianco Carly Schroeder is Matt's other best friend, who loves getting him into trouble.

Later in the series, they begin to have feelings for each other. Dig" Sellers Arvie Lowe Jr. Brook mcguire naked his lessons, he often implies that he educated celebrities like Frankie Muniz and Christina Aguilera. It is implied that they are very good friends with Lizzie's parents. In an episode, Gordo has a crush on her. She is a vegetarian, as shown in the episode "Obsession". In an episode, Gordo asks Parker for a dance. She refuses because, in her opinion, he is too short for her. Parker hates Lizzie because she accidentally sat on her Titanic lunch box in the 5th grade.

He appears in the first few episodes. His family owns a water park called "The Slip Slide". After "When Moms Attack", Danny isn't seen or mentioned again. Veruca Albano Rachel Snow: An overweight nerdy girl who appears once in Season 1 and more often in Season 2 when Lizzie enters the eighth grade. The glamour models are nit-picking one another over their shared romantic history with handsome Danny. Katie briefly dated him in Octoberduring a break from ex-fiance Leandro Pennaand he has since reunited with Kelly in February this year.

Kelly and Danny originally dated from untilbefore she went on to have a two year romance with his former Wasps teammate Thom Evans. However, Kelly returned to her ex just weeks after splitting from Thom in January Kelly poses at the birthday party of a shopping centre in Ireland The row between Katie and Kelly kicked off in February this year, when the former accused the brunette model of looking heavier after seeing photos of her shooting her New Look swimwear campaign in Miami. She wrote her column in The Sun: You're a heffer sicKelly, but still a hot one.