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No, the first to wwll defeated by my vagina was undoubtedly me. Later that night, I lay on my back, aroused as hell, and he asked me if I wanted to have sex. I was frantically trying to get my vagina to cooperate, to tell every part of my conscious and subconscious mind that I was ready for this and wanted to do it.

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He positioned himself and attempted to guide his penis in. All I remember from there is the pain that bloomed below my abdomen. So I forced down my cries, because I just wanted so badly for something to actually be happening. He described what happened as hitting a wall.

In that moment, I knew what this was. Vaginismus is walll a very sexy word. Vaginismus causes the pubococcygeus muscle to involuntarily contract, causing the introitus, or opening, of the vagina to be completely impenetrable. As a sociologist, I was curious about the content of the graffiti text and artwork, the patterns in the response and replies — and whether these responses would vary by gender.

Each bathroom contained multiple enclosed stalls, and I photographed each stall that contained hand-written or hand-drawn graffiti. Out of the graffiti collected and analyzed, 59 This finding seems to contradict reports that females are less inclined to vandalizedue to their inclination to conform to social conventions and norms. Poring through the images, I also noticed that the graffiti — aside from its obvious entertainment value — contained deeply held, gender-specific cultural beliefs. There was also no shortage of insults.

One person felt the drawing resembled more of a silverfish insect than a vagina.

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In contrast to the male graffiti, female graffiti contained fewer vulgarities and sexual content. A tiny sketch of a penis pointing to verses from Psalm On eall other hand, flowers, stars, faces — along with poetry and advice in stylized, swirly font — were prevalent. Such graffiti included explanations for what caused the artist to defecate coffee, the campus dining servicereferences to flatulence, and the obvious: Although this finding was unexpected, health studies do suggest that women are both more knowledgeable and more forthcoming about health matters and bodily changes than are men.