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Schrader shouted action, and they filmed the scene in one minute take. About halfway through, Lohan looked directly into the camera and flashed a dirty, demented smile at Schrader,' Rodrick recalls. But the problems with Lohan did not stop there. Rodrick says that even before filming got off the ground, Lohan was already fired and rehired Rodrick says that even before filming got off the ground, the Mean Girls star was already fired and rehired.

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After not showing up for a read through with Schrader and actor Pctures, the furious director gave the flame-haired star her marching orders. He had picturres cast members at a previous read-through, to which Lohan showed up late, that he had an actress from Paris on hold in case Lohan tripped up. Following her firing, Lohan panicked, and showed up at Schrader's Los Angeles hotel, pounding on the door to his room, sobbing and begging him to take her back for 90 minutes in the hallway. Lohan had told Schrader that she missed the read through because she was awake until 3am and then took a sleeping pill.

According to the report, Lohan caused all sorts of havoc during filming for the low-budget film After gathering the rest of sed cast at a cafe eex showing them Lohan's performance versus the French actress's Four way sex pictures, the cast all agreed that Lohan was the better star, and Schrader decided to give picturfs another chance. Lohan was eventually hired back, but her time on set was peppered with problems. Rodrick also claims that following a day of filming, Lohan, who has several driving under the influence charges behind her belt, got into a car whilst under the influence of alcohol. According to Rodrick, the actress was drinking ahead of her graphic sex scene.

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