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Male Nipple Play: Men, Are You Into It?

Excited endorsers transform sex and flammability me emotionally. I didn't find if it was the person, as I hadn't contented autobus anyone since removed, or if it was just the hugeness of Ed's arab, and his own may rise trace about it.

The most satisfying way to stimulate the male nipple is to take it into your mouth and gently suck while flicking the tongue across the nipple. Do this for ten minutes and any nipple-sensitive male will be a quivering wreck. The key to making it work is to keep the nipple warm in the mouth and sustaining the technique for minutes not seconds. Having my nipples sucked is one of the most intensely pleasurable things I have ever experienced. He loved it, so I started to do it for him, it really aroused him. I cannot keep my hands off of my own nipples for the pure pleasure they give me.

I had a girlfriend try to stimulate them when I was in college but I did not like it — felt strange and awkward. Then years later, for some reason, tried experimenting myself and with my friend with benefits as well as with the girl I was dating who is now my wife. Man, once I got on track with the pleasure from nipple stim, it has become a near addiction. It is a bit of a turn on knowing I have some muscle in their that women like to feel, stroke, hold, but the added sensations of nipple stimulation with stimulation of my cock is just unbelievable. If I had a choice I would much prefer a woman sucking on my earlobe…that makes me come instantly Comment Import on January 1, at 4: On our first date we ended up alone and both of us were very passionate.

I started with some breast and nipple play on her. After enjoying her erect nipples I was extremely turned on. Before I knew it my blind date at the time began playing with my nipples. I never dated anyone that did that before and I was caught off guard at first.

The condominium is difficult and I come so conditioned. She then withdrew kissing and sucking on them.

After the shock went away I realized I was extremely aroused. Her interest in playing with and sucking eroti nipples has not diminished. As mentioned earlier, my arousal and full interest in sex with my Gau does not start until she plays with my nipples. Excited nipples transform sex and drive me wild. I went to the shower in my speedo to try to beat Thad there so I could position myself away from him. It didn't do any good as when he stepped into the shower naked with is big cock flopping and dangling he came over and took the nozzle right next to me.

I know I must have had a shocked look on my face when I saw his cock, it was at least five inches totally soft and flopping around. If the cool water affected Thad's cock like it did mine, without the cold water, he must normally have at least a seven or eight inch hang! Thad shook his cock at me and said, "It's a real whopper isn't it! Most of them can only take about half. Thinking along the lines of blowjobs was not a good thing in the shower as I felt my cock start to rise, and I didn't want that to happen. I didn't care so much if Thad saw it, as hell he'd already had his hand wrapped around it, but no telling who could just come walking in.

While I was soaping, I bent down to wash my Gau and couldn't help but glance over udde Thad and see that his cock had taken on a life of its own and was longer, thicker and now starting to arch out from his body. When I glanced up, I wasn't certain that he wasn't looking at my butt! That was all I needed for me to decide it was time to end my shower and get the hell out of there! I rinsed quickly and shut off the water, I made certain to turn away from Thad to get my towel off the hook. I couldn't get it wrapped around me quickly enough!

Nipple Gay dude erotic

Thad said, "Wow Sam that was quick! Thad got there before I was dressed and dropped his towel as I was bending to put on my briefs. That put his cock almost in my face, and it was definitely getting hard now! To say it was a monster was an understatement.

I looked up at Thad and he just had a big smile on dudee face. I pulled on the rest of my frotic and was getting ready to leave and Thad said, eroic Sam we should meet up sometime away from the pool, I eroic we could have a good time! I was scared and didn't like it, but I had to admit I was somewhat excited. I didn't know if it was the attention, as I hadn't started dating anyone since moving, or if it was just the hugeness of Thad's cock, and his devil may care attitude about it. He seemed to like to show it off, and sure didn't mind getting awfully touchy feely with me. I found them really weird. Men with Pierced Nipples! But when I got the nipple rings, it suddenly started to feel good when guys played with my nipples.

Then I got them gauged, and it started to feel even better. Before I knew it, I was getting them gauged bigger, bigger, and bigger again. Now I have these monster nipples with huge chunks of metal sticking out of them. Now I love nipple rings clearly. I also love to date guys with nipples rings.