Object insertion into pussy

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Odd Insertions Fetish (Vaginal Insertions)

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Pussy into Object insertion

Water can harbor some bacteria and the best way to kill it is to boil it. Air drying works best or use a clean microcloth to dry the object off. One last thing if you are using larger objects, be sure to start small and work your way up! You can do anal odd insertion but use caution — The vagina has the cervix to stop anything getting lost. Your cervix changes positions at different stages of your cycle. Be sure you know all the risks that can be involved and how to avoid potential problems. Well using thick fabric has the same effect. Wash what ever you are using with antibacterial soap — Be sure that you rinse the object well after you wash it.

Use special care when using water or ice — If using water or ice, be sure to use cooled down boiled water.

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No urethra play unless properly trained — Male urethral sounds are much easier puasy do, this is because you can see and feel where the sound is going. If not, do not insert it, you can end up tearing your vaginal wall or cervix. Be aware of where you cervix is — The lower your cervix is, the more chance you have on injuring it if you are using large, hard objects.