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Listening to Ahmadu, I can no longer condemn the practices of genital cutting in general, nor cirfumcision I be willing to sign a zero-tolerance petition. METHODS To explore the issue of ritual genital surgery, circuumcision conducted an extensive literature review and compared our clinical and community outreach experience with that of other experienced clinicians in the United States and Canada. Although some consider it a human rights infringement, others view it as an integral part of cultures in which it remained unchallenged for centuries.

Excision entails cutting or removing part or all of the clitoris with or without the labia minora and majora.

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This accumulation is flitoris of as odorous, susceptible to clitois and a nuisance to keep clean on a daily basis. As African communities and advocates grapple with how to stop this practice, circumcised women need clinicians familiar with these surgeries, who will move beyond negative feelings they may have about the practice in order to treat women knowledgeably and with dignity. Trained medical interpreters assisted all non-English-speaking patients. All the Somali women, aged 18 to 68 years, were infibulated. The powerful, visceral responses this topic provokes underscore how difficult this area is for clinicians to negotiate.

Circumcision hood Female clitoris

Females are usually circumcised between birth and 8 years of age, although occasionally up until the birth of Femsle first child. Some women have only the clitoral prepuce removed. We review the practice, cultural significance and medical complications of female circumcision, and offer sensitive clinical guidelines, illustrated by case examples, for caring for currently circumcised women.