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Take a look at our wax play article for more on this.

Blindfolded Domination

Has he calmed down? Sound becomes the erotic medium and the blindfolved of the voice, spoken from the other side of the room one moment, whispered unexpectedly into the ear the next, is the weapon of choice for the discerning Master or Mistress. They will try to picture the scene based on what they last saw: Her fears and desires have become unshackled by her blindfold and are running wantonly through her mind. Is he pleased with you? Our own favourite range of blindfolds Church of Sinvention — Canada: While this is going on our other senses try to compensate for her sightlessness.

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Wax play can be very effective, blindfoolded if you alternate it with ice play. Is that the gentle swish of something? Touch Sensations Touch becomes very heightened when blindfolded and so the use of physical teasing can be very thrilling. Like being tied up or being gagged. Unlike being bound or gagged, blindfolding does one very special thing: Do not go too far and never leave the boundaries of the game.

You can use well-crushed or shaved ice which will have an interesting effect on warmed skin. This is how torturers and gaolers inflict the most terrible mental cruelties on their captors so be warned: Cruelty, Sadism, Unrelenting Punishment. She is straining her hearing when the sound of the cane slashing the air comes just a fraction of a second before a line of fire cuts across her cheeks.