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What can I say more apart from that I am so much looking forward to coming into the office every morning. Apart from coming up with new themes and items for our shop updates, I also work on the production of our beloved animos as well as managing our Facebook page and snapping my daily work. Some of the places that never cease to inspire me are Japan and Disneyland. It is a super fun task and I enjoy doing it. Why do you like working at Momio? She has a Bachelor degree in Humanities and Communication and a special interest in equality studies.

Thank for letting us get to know you better, Jovana! Meet Jovana, the girl making sure no one on Momio is running around naked! This also includes not using real names as usernames and not having to post IRL pictures, but using avatars instead. This is where our beloved Shop Manager Jovana comes into play. Disneyland is a truly magical place that always awakens my creativity.

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I think that Jovanz pretty much sums it all. Of course some themes are more challenging than the others, especially when it comes to the events like Christmas. They are so inspiring and I learn something new from them all the time. Sometimes I get taken aback by how much my job and colleagues have influenced me and helped me get to know myself even better.