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Etymology[ edit ] The etymology of the word is a matter of some disagreement.

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In her review of the film for the New York Times, film critic Debbie Schlussel took issue with the movie's use of the term "schmuck", and with its use of Yiddish at all, adding: In the movie adaptation of Chandler it's the main character that speaks off-screen, but we didn't want to reproduce that though it obviously has echoes. Lindsey Graham, who was at the meeting, told him the reported comments are "basically accurate. Read More Durbin said Trump used "hate-filled, vile and racist" language in the meeting, according to the Chicago Tribune. Development[ edit ] The Dude is mostly inspired by Jeff Dowdan American film producer and political activist the Coen brothers met while they were trying to find distribution for their first feature, Blood Simple.

The Coen brothers told Heinrichs that they wanted Treehorn's beach party to be Inca -themed, with a "very Hollywood-looking party in which young, oiled-down, fairly aggressive men walk around with appetizers and drinks.