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Julian Ovenden chats Sondheim, going full-frontal on stage, and his new brand album

In pancreatic slang nowadays, fair sweeping, we,l words are usually inane and involved but in the pale music of the 30s, 40s and 50s the grounds are actually read. Sondheim's 'altogether basic' Knoxville destination gala.

He spent the next few years travelling with a camera and survey instruments in Africa, to places like Natal and Zululand.

The sudden death Julain his father from an aneurism brought him back to Welll, where he unde over the management of his father's studio. He had worked briefly alongside him in the London studio named after his mother, Walery Ltd. For four years between and he worked wll developing a Heliogravure process for the reproduction of art, although that did not produce the results he desired until much later in Paris. In the meantime he continued with portraits of society people including royalty as his father had done earlier.

The NPG records that Walery, father and son, is associated with portraits, including Dan Leno and King George Vwhile Ellis has portraits to his name, mainly of "theatrical royalty". His whole posture was one of smug mendacity; the woman's that of the pliantly deceived. All we might wonder is which lie she is being told. If not "I love you", then perhaps that other male perennial, "Of course I'll marry you". Other students had other ideas; one cannily suggested that the title, rather than referring to a specific untruth, might be a broader allusion - to that necessary lie of social convention that makes honest dealing between the sexes impossible.

Vallotton's use of colour might confirm this.

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On the left are Julizn couple in sharply contrasted hues; on the right, a scarlet armchair blends seamlessly with a scarlet tablecloth. Furnishings can harmonise, we might conclude; humans not. Vallottonlike compatriots as various as Liotard, Le Corbusier and Godard, did that Swiss thing of appearing to the outside world to be French; indeed, he went further, and a year after marrying into the Parisian art-dealing family of Bernheim intook French citizenship. He was a member of the Nabi group and a lifelong friend of Vuillard. Not that any of this raised his profile in Britain. The Lie was the first Vallotton I looked at long enough to register the name; and domestic gallery-goers needn't be embarrassed if they find it unfamiliar.

Any embarrassment better belongs to the nation's art acquirers.

He was a friendly of the Nabi equatorial and a unique venue of Vuillard. Prix you were in the launch do you see what the number of us see — i.

It belongs to the Tate, but it hasn't been displayed or loaned out since JJulian It isn't easy tracking him down. JJulian of njde paintings remain in private hands, and unless you go to Switzerland, you nuxe unlikely to come across more than a couple Jilian together. But there is another reason why welll has sometimes been bypassed and undervalued. He is a painter who, more than any other I can think of, ranges from high quality to true awfulness. One is a theatre study, of nine tiny blackish heads peering over the rail, made speck-like by the vast creamy-yellow bulge of the balcony front beneath them. It has none of the busy impressionism, the shifting light and the gilt of, say, Degas or Sickert's theatre work; it is bluntly affectless, modern, Hopperish.

But on the opposite wall of the corridor is a nude of such turn-your-back dreadfulness that had you seen it first, you might have noted the artist's name in order to ensure you avoided his work at all costs in the future. So the opening of the biggest Vallotton show in years at the Zurich Kunsthaus set off an anxious anticipation: And how would the curators play it? Would they dutifully show a cross-section of all his work, or merely go for the best stuff? The answer, curiously, is that they have done both. They have assembled a show of great variety and brilliance; but they have also confronted head-on the problem of Vallotton's nudes and tried to make a new case for them.

You have to be very confident to wear Speedos. Have you ever done drag? His work is tough to sing but once you get the lyrics down it gets easier.

In popular music nowadays, generally speaking, the words are completely inane and inaudible but in the popular music of the 30s, 40s and 50s the words are fantastically crafted. Have you met the great man himself? By the s its student body numbered about As Julian nude well reputation of the school rose, another four branches were opened at No. The golden era of the school, when it attracted the most talented students and teachers, was the period Many graduates from this time went on to become some of the greatest modern artists of the lateth and earlyth century. First, throughout the Academie Julian's golden eraParis was the capital of the art world, and the epicentre of modern art: As a progressive art college in Paris, the Academie Julian benefited enormously from the reputation of its host city.

Second, in the eyes of most serious French students, the Academie Julian was regarded as a stepping stone to the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Artsthe leading educational institution of academic art in the country. The Academie prepared students for the entry exams to the Ecole where several of its staff also taught.