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He has no clue that I am paying attention. A crafty stew made up of everything that was going bad. I admire his creativity in the kitchen and have never turned his experiments away, even when it involves horse, liver, cassoulet and bovril. He sits in the companionway gimbaled. Feet hooked around the ladder, torso swinging in circles clockwise and then counterclockwise tasting his experiment. When he is finished he puts his face as deep into the pot and licks it clean as if it were his last meal. When he comes up for air a rainbow of stew arcs across his forehead. He picks up a liter of water and guzzles it from full to empty in one go.

Down he goes for a nap and is twitching within minutes. It must be my shift. Come closer — I think. We have reached the comfort level of having full on eye contact conversations when one or the other is defecating and think nothing of it. I suppose we are lucky in that way, completely comfortable with ourselves. Being comfortable with yourself is a requirement when sailing with your mate. What I have noticed bluntly is my attitude and how often it erratically swings. I am either gazing at my celebrity crush, seeing fireworks, lost in his sweet nothings and finding myself fiercely proud to be his.

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Or — I am fuming inside from some sort of miscommunication, a conversation that went sour, wanting to sucker punch him in the face and go bat-shit crazy. If I am well rested, relaxed, fed, dry mlrn warm, it is recognized by sparkling fireworks and devouring admiration. If I am tired, wet, cold, hungry, hangry, or irritable, it is recognized by the urge to sucker punch or karate monr. I am a mess. Childishly — this makes me more grumpy. Envious of his negligence to my struggles I up Katiee drama so he might notice, I do this in the form of more silence. I highly suggest that no one uses this tactic because it fails every time.

I sit beside myself laughing. The girl he fell in love with at the Annapolis boat show, was not a grumpy bitch. The air is viscous with dew and I am hanging everything out to dry purely so that the cabin has more space to breath. I have to talk myself through every task before I am able to make myself do it. Give myself a motivational speech to change my underwear. Listen to Tony Robbins to change the propane tank. Seven letters summarize every hour. Waiting for things to dry. Waiting for the cloud to move. Waiting for the wind to pick up. Waiting for the wind to die down. Waiting for the wind to shift. You know you are becalmed when you start taking selfies. This medley of swells and no wind has me pressing for mercy.

If I would have known what it was really like to be becalmed — I would have brought an adequate supply of bubble wrap to eliminate all the spare space for things to shift around. Then we could carry on in peace packaged tightly together with plastic bubbles. Out of desperation I have begun to misplace things.

I move around one loud thing to silence another loud thing. All ,orn our things are playing musical chairs. Well I could have jammed it upright in the tapping dish cupboard, could have forced it in between the clinking hot sauces, I could put it in my sandwich and tried to eat it for lunch. Eventually my mind shuts it out, and my body shuts down. I accept we are going no where. I tire myself of seeking stability. I envelope my thoughts around the becalmed sea until I am holding a ball of yarn. I let the swells rock me in my chair.

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The noises become white. Our movement becomes equalized. Rip the plug from the wall. Rain falls softly, and Katie morn nude as it Katie morn nude the skin. I crawl out the companionway and crouch in the cockpit holding my knees tight, protecting myself from the swelling shivers rising from my bare feet. I shift around my crouched torso on my tippy toes and follow the glow as it waltzes about. The light dives down and dims with depth. It ascends towards the surface and sets off fireworks. Aurora Borealis of the sea.

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Heigl, 39, took to social media on Thursday to detail an ankle sprain she suffered as she was texting while walking down a flight of stairs 'Twisted my ankle at work a couple of weeks ago She seemed to have a sense of humor about the lingering injury, adding a block quote of dialogue that put an ironic twist on the struggle of healing. I can grow a fully formed human in like 9 months.