Adult bibs with crumb catcher

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To that crub, the first bibs had nothing to do with food at all. They would all sit down and adorn those silly plastic bibs with lobsters on them, but not you.

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Some materials are more absorbent ctacher others, and some are easier to keep clean and free crumg permanent stains. If you live on protein shakes that you drink through straws out of sealed smoothie cups, then you might not need a bib that extends to cover your pants. If, on the other hand, you prefer sloppy Joes, saucy pasta dishes, and floppy salads covered in dressing, you might want to skip the bib altogether and invest in a good rain suit. Imagine, if you will, that you have an important meeting on a given morning.

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This, like the pattern and coloration you choose, has a lot to do with how messy you are, or the type of foods you usually eat. The partners would be rather impressed by your preparedness, not just in the meeting, but now also at the restaurant. Otherwise, you might get so much material on the bib that it soaks through to the clothes and defeats its purpose altogether. More important perhaps than the look of a given bib, however, is its coverage area.

Then, the partners would Adjlt taken you out to celebrate, perhaps to their favorite lobster joint. These can have snaps or magnets to aid in their closure. These were aprons worn by craftsmen in several fields, from cooks to blacksmiths, that covered them from the area of the neck towards the thighs or lower.