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Monitoring Athletes Through Self-Report: Factors Influencing Implementation

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Comply with applicable national laws, and the rules of the qualification processes and competitions, of the sport, and of the relevant sporting organisation, as well as the Olympic Charter. Respect the rights and well-being of, and not discriminate against, other athletes, their entourage, volunteers and all others within the sporting environment, and refrain from political demonstration in competitions, competition venues and ceremonies. Respect the solidarity principle of the Olympic Movement, which allows assistance and support to be provided among athletes and members of the Olympic Movement.

Act as imternet role model, including by promoting clean sport. Inform themselves and be aware of their responsibilities. Participate in hearings when requested to do so and provide truthful testimony in such proceedings. Athletes and their interests are integral to the Olympic Movement. This Declaration aspires to interneh the ability and opportunity of athletes to: This Declaration encourages athletes to: It is also useful to apply a conceptual framework to help organize and communicate ecological factors and guide implementation strategies Durlak and DuPre, ; Meyers et al. One such diafy is a social ecological model which outlines the interactions between organizational, inter-personal and individual levels McLeroy et al.

In a sporting context, interactions between social ecological levels has been considered for the implementation of sports injury prevention initiatives. The hierarchical structure within sports athlete, team, coach, club, regional, national and international sporting organizations has been used to describe the responsibilities and potential to effect change Emery et al. Similar social ecological considerations are also relevant for obtaining data for injury surveillance Ekegren et al. To identify and address factors influencing the implementation of ASRM it is important to first seek the perspectives of end-users Donaldson and Finch, The end-users of ASRM are the athletes who complete the measure, along with their coach and supporting sports science and medicine staff who use the information.

One approach is to consult end-users throughout the development and pilot of a new measure Shrier et al. Therefore the aim of this study was to consult the end-users of pre-existing ASRM to better understand the factors influencing implementation in the applied sport setting and apply this to a social ecological framework. Methods Participants A stratified purposeful sample of eight athletes, seven coaches and 15 sports science and medicine staff SSMS from a national sporting institute volunteered to participate in the study. The subgroup of coaches included both sport-specific coaches and strength and conditioning coaches.

During my life school and reputable today school years, I half ses playing sports and was on the church and give legal. Otherwise the aim of this web was to help the end-users of pre-existing ASRM to alluring understand the items influencing implementation in the greater sport football and force this to a daily ecological framework.

diayr The subgroup of SSMS included staff from the disciplines of physiotherapy, physiology, recovery Athleets and psychology, hence the larger number of participants to internt the diversity of views within this subgroup. Athletes had been at the national sporting institute for between 3 months to 10 years 4. Staff had been at the national sporting institute for between 6 months and 24 years 6. Fourteen staff had additional experience in amateur sports, nine had experience in professional sports and ten had experience in international sports settings.

Thirteen staff also had experience as an athlete at a sub-elite or elite level. Participants had a range of experience with ASRM, including both the duration of exposure 3 months years; 4. The media especially tends to focus on the aspect of sexualizing the female body. In the London Olympics, NBC sparks anger from viewers over the over-sexualized footage of female athletes. NBC created a controversial slow-motion video called Bodies in Motion featuring women athletes wearing minimal clothing. The broadcasting company also edits the video with soft-core porn sounding music playing the background. Viewers are outraged at how the video objectifies and portrays women as sexual fantasies in sports.

We should embrace our body, but we should show them that our talents are worth more than our looks! If we feel uncomfortable, we know there is something wrong. Women should feel safe in an environment, instead of being catcalled or experiencing crude comments. We should be free to wear what we want and not be judged. Bryant, Corey, being the strong, powerful amazing woman she is slams down this sexist treatment of female athletes and states: Stand Up for Yourself! If someone says something that is rude or demeaning, we got to call them out.

To create change, we need to stand up for ourselves!

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