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Eva Longoria Reveals "I Never Thought of Myself as a Sex Symbol"—Find Out Why!

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Someone else will run the show after season seven and I will serve as executive producer from a distance.

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Production[ edit ] The idea for the series was conceived as Marc Cherry and his mother were watching a news report on Andrea Desperatr. Spezialy, who also served as a staff writer, left his scne position as writer and executive producer for Dead Like Me to join the Desperate Housewives crew. I love the idea of giving opportunities to women in the business, so most of the things I'm developing have female leads. Eva Longoria has never thought of herself as a sex symbol. The actress continued, "Who says I can't do the cover of Maxim and run a production company?

Who says I can't be both? Although receiving praise for his work on the show, Keenan chose to leave Desperate Housewives after one season to pursue other projects. The series' music supervisorDavid Sibleyworks closely with the producers to integrate these musical needs into the show.

Later seasons[ edit ] In AugustMarc Cherry said that Desperate Housewives would be on television for a few more years, stating that the series still "has a lot of life left in it. He went on to explain that he felt the program had been revitalized by the five-year leap forward for season five, saying: I expect to sign my new deal soon to set up a future scenario for the show. Jablonsky incorporates recurring themes for events and characters into the score. It was referred to by film crews as Colonial Streetand has been used for several motion pictures and television shows since the mids.

I really miss the family that we created for eight years.

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Opening sequence[ edit ] The initial idea for the show's opening sequence was Cherry's. It was a way to start fresh and let everyone start from scratch in a way". Perkinswho had been a crew member of Desperate Housewives since the show's conception. We are filming our last season of Desperate Housewives!