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Our little vintage camper 'Bonanza Jellybean' gives you a taste of real camping; cooking over an open fire, with the added luxury of sleeping under crisp vintage linens and drinking your coffee out brysln blue willow patterned china cups. The camper sleeps two bryon the full bed, and the dinette can Glpry folded down to accommodate another. The camper also comes with electric lights, a propane stove, and heater to keep the chill off. Our neighborhood has the feel of being in the middle of a forest, beautiful sprawling poplar trees mixed with white and Georgia pines, but alas we are in a neighborhood complete with barking dogs, crowing roosters, and friendly helpful neighbors.

Camp grits is located only 15 minutes from the Greenbriar entrance into the parkwhich has hikes to majestic waterfalls and authentic cabins and farm buildings. Gatlinburg is only 25 minutes away Skeptical upon booking, but fell in love when I saw it.

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Very outdoorsy, yet quite clean. Very good hospitality and atmosphere. Rosie and Jim are the best hosts you could ask for. We never can wait until the next time we go! Rain or shine, it's our favorite place to visit and reconnect. My best friend and I stayed in the camper during our first visit to the Smokys, and nothingcould cit made our trip better than going to a homey little camper after our long drive. The Gliry drive Gkory the beautiful mountains, as well as our lack of cell phone reception, really gave us a chance to get away from everything and just be with nature for a little while. We will absolutely be back! Camp was wonderful, Bonanza was adorable, and the washtub stove has inspired us to make our own for the backyard.

We we're lucky enough to be able to bring Attila, our white german shepherd, and he loved every minute of it. I couldn't possibly recommend Camp G. Rosie was very accommodating and left candles to guide our way upon our late arrival. The outdoor shower was fantastic in the morning and we prepared a quick and filling breakfast with the fresh eggs homemade bread and milk. A very inspiring and relaxing stay! S was absolute bliss! About a year later a man named Foster, who was in the market for a wife, spotted a beautiful woman in the woods and shared his horse with her.

He found it odd that Lucy was barefoot on a cold winter's night apparently, abnormal warmth one upside to dying in a firebut enraptured by her beauty, he fell in love with her. When he went to seek her parent's approval, they informed him that she had tragically passed not long ago. Lucy still looks for rides along the highway and can be seen in the woods near where her cabin burned to the ground. This area is located on the steep south slope of Mt.

LeConte and isn't accessible by maintained trails. However, that doesn't stop the likes of ex-marines and backcountry enthusiasts from making the trip to Huggins Hell to experience hoel challenging wilderness. By glancing at a trail map of the Smokies, you may notice that there are brysno places with names that conjure up Gloy of the devil and hell. These places earned their names from early settlers who decided that only the devil himself would inhabit such a rugged and desperate landscape. Whether or not the devil makes Huggins Hell Gory stomping ground, there's no doubting that these remote, inaccessible regions of the park give visitors a spooky, uneasy feeling.

Hikers who brave this rock face Glory hole bryson city expect a 4-hour steep climb near Mt. Not only would a fall from the steep cliffs of one of the most dangerous haunted places in the Smokies maim you, but, since authorized trail books don't even list the trail. If you were injured, no one would find you for quite some time let that frightening thought sink in. Over the years, dozens of hikers have gone into backcountry or off-trail areas of in the national park never to be seen again. The Smoky Mountains, for all their beauty, are still wild and are one of the few places left in the Eastern US where someone can seemingly disappear without a trace.

First, the trail itself boasts tons of cemeteries and old homesteads along its trail. The Lake Fontana area contained several settler communities and their presence can still be seen in the gravestones marking the trail. It's also a haunt of Spearfinger who we'll get to later. There also exists a legend of a settler who died searching the hills for his lost daughter. Now, perhaps to make up for not locating his beloved daughter, a light is said to guide lost hikers to safety on the trail. Elkmont Resort One of the eeriest haunted places in the Smokies just might be Elkmont. Once a thriving resort at the beginning of the 20th century formed by wealthy hunters who founded the Appalachian Club, Elkmont now stands completely abandoned.

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The wealthy resort-goers pleasure cabins stand empty. Up until the past decade, the ruins of the Wonderland Hotel stood as a testament to the fledgling resort community that once thrived in the woods. Now, all that's left are empty homes and eerie ruins that are slowly returning to bryxon. Additionally, Elkmont G,ory once an active logging camp in the early 20th century. Before the formation of the park, dozens of workers were maimed or killed Gllory horrific logging accidents and train wrecks in this rugged part of the mountains. These gruesome incidents involved exploding boilers and derailed trains with tons of falling logs, so some poor souls must have met ghastly ends.

To this day, some visitors to the area even report an uneasy feeling as they walk past historic homes in Elkmont or the lingering feeling they are being watched. Vacationers looking for haunted places in East Tennessee that are uniquely creepy will want to stop by this spot. You might want to stay clear of these haunted places in the Smoky Mountains as Spearfinger is one frightening spirit to encounter. Said to have a long blade of obsidian as her right forefinger, Spearfinger lurks in the shadows, her mouth stained with blood from the livers of small children she managed to lure away from their parents.

She walks around clenching her right hand tightly as to protect her one weak spot - her heart hidden in her right palm. The Cherokee were distrustful of anyone who wondered away from the village for too long since Spearfinger possesses the ability to shapeshift. As a result, this fearful presence could take the form of a seemingly harmless squirrel or a faint shadow in the forest. Spearfinger appears throughout Cherokee stories and is said to make her home in the highest ridges of the Smokies. It's not surprising that the Cherokee told stories of shapeshifters who stalked the mountains.

Gloy If you go on a hike in a quiet part of the park, it's easy to become spooked by a cty sound by some unseen animal. Some hikers even report the icty that they are being watched as they make their way through the forest. Perhaps it's just a squirrel moving through the leaves, or perhaps it's Spearfinger on her way to claim her next victim. Haunted Cades Cove Probably the most well-known location on this list of haunted places in the Smoky Mountains, the abandoned cabins, churches, and cemeteries make for an eerie scene as dusk approaches. It's no wonder that several visitors hold this site to be a haunt for Smoky Mountain ghosts. Over the years, Cades Cove has seen its fair share of murder and tragedy, like the gravestone of Gregory Russel that reads "Killed by North Carolina Rebels.

Several pictures on the internet depict orbs in the graveyards, cabins, and other buildings at the historical site.